Mulching in Georgetown, TX


Mulching, known as “Forestry Mulching,” is an extremely efficient method of mechanical site prep and clearing. Mulching is accomplished by the use of a heavy machine with a large spinning drum mounted to the front. The drum has teeth on it that pulverizes trees, stumps, logs, shrubs and woody vegetation.

The result is aesthetically pleasing and beneficial mulch that will be incorporated into the soil and lay on top as ground cover. This process is very beneficial to the land owner and it carries much less liability than piling, hauling and/or burning. One machine and one operator can clear 2-5+(depending on density) acres per day.


It is the most efficient land clearing process and the newly created mulch provides many benefits, we listed some below:

  • Increases the moisture in the soil, which is especially useful in drought situations.
  • Distributes nutrient-filled organic matter evenly across the site.
  • Decreases soil temperatures compared to other methods.
  • Reduces erosion by leaving root systems in the ground, if done correctly most tree species will not re-sprout.
  • Very economic compared to other site prep methods and can be completed year-round as opposed to burning.
  • The benefits allow for increased survival and growth of recently planted young trees


We use large high horsepower mulching machines which we have found are about 60% more efficient than the smaller track, skid steer style mulchers. This means you are getting more mulching in your day and when typically the contracts in this industry are based on a day rate you want to get the most out of that day.
We have found the best of these machines are made by Tigercat and currently only operate Tigercat machines. 
If you are interested on getting a quote for mulching, please call or text 512-890-2555 or contact us here.

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