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Meet Christian Carter, he is one of the top land clearing operators and forestry experts in the state of Texas. He has worked as an operator for over 15 years and has seen several issues while working hundreds of jobs in this industry. 

He saw land owners not getting the most out of the work that could be done on their land. It takes a lot to get a 15 ton machine to a job site, so providing a plan with an efficient estimate is critical. 

Christian would show up and realize the way the job was bid was costing the landowners thousands of dollars, and he would typically have to re-assess the work with the land owner. 

After years of working as an operator, Christian decided to reach out to Jordan LaVine, a childhood friend and owner of a successful plumbing contractor business and together they formed Crosscut with the mission to clear your land better.

Together they have changed the bidding and operating process so that we can clear your land in up to half the time and cost. 


Meet Our Leadership

Christian Carter

Christian has 15 years land clearing and forestry experience. Christian started his career with the National Park Service working as a Forestry technician and Wildland Firefighter. He has excelled as a land clearing operator, receiving constant praise from clients all over the state of Texas. Christian lives just outside of Austin with his dog, Smoky, who commonly will join him in the machine.


Jordan LaVine

Jordan is Crosscut's CEO. Also the owner of a successful plumbing contractor business, he understands bidding and efficiency better than anyone. He will get the most out of your job every time. Jordan lives just outside of Austin with his wife and 3 girls.

Bobby Klein

Bobby is an expert in processes and technology that focus on bringing the best service to our clients. Previously the CEO and Co-Owner of a multiple 7-figure outdoor apparel business, he works behind the scenes to ensure Jordan and Christian have everything in place to communicate and serve our clients in the best way possible.

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