Land Clearing in Georgetown, TX

Land Clearing is the removal of trees, shrubs, bushes and other vegetation from lots of land for land improvement or repurposing the land. 

Why would you want to clear your land?
✔️ Remove undesirable overgrowth
✔️ Increases the moisture retained in the soil, promoting grass growth
✔️ Increase the survivability of mature leave trees by removing unwanted understory (shrubs and brush) choking them of water and nutrients.
✔️ Hunting land? Clearing of overgrowth, brings wildlife back into your land and increases your line of sight.
✔️ Livestock? Mulch to a cow is like catnip for a cat, your cattle will be very happy.
✔️ Mulching can be done year around and there are no restrictions as opposed to burning.
✔️ Decreases soil temperatures
✔️ Reduces erosion


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